Where's Glenn?

9/19 Monday
7:30 Meet w/Fox
10:30 Meet w/Russell

9/20 Tuesday
1:00 Construction Meeting
2:00 Secondary Admin Meeting

9/21 Wednesday
8:00 Pre Tech Steering w/Dick
8:00 SLIS Meeting
3:00 Treo Talk w/ PHS

9/22 Thursday
4:00 Admin Meeting
5:30 Puyallup Fair

9/23 Friday
8:15 SLIS Meeting
4:00 Treo Talk

Evaluation PGO
Make it your goal to complete the planning form this week. Schedule an apointment with me to meet to discuss your plan.

Google Earth
If you haven't yet you really should download and explore Google Earth. Other similar free products that are worth exploring are Virtual Earth, A9, World Wind, and Flash Earth.

**Quote of the Week
    • The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. ~Chinese Proverb